Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap...(Times Two)

I realized that I never blogged about my Labor Day weekend.  I don't know why I didn't either because it was a great weekend.  My parents and I went camping for the weekend.  Mind you, it was in the 90s that weekend.  Ugh.  However, our site was in a lot of shade and we had air in the camper.  While my dad and Annie went floating a couple times, Mom, me and Melody hung out at the river bank.  It was really nice the first day, in the shade most of the time, very cool water.  Melody swam a little bit, but not much.  We hung out for a couple hours before heading back to camp.  The next day was nice too, but Melody didn't like the water at all that day.  I've noticed that she doesn't really like water much at all, really.  She will barely put her feet in the lake at the dog park.  Hmm...

On Sunday, we all went floating, except the dogs of course.  We got a raft so that there was more room to move and relax.  It was a perfect day for floating.  We were prepared with lots of sunblock, sunglasses, long sleeves, and a hat (which I never wear on the river) because it was supposed to be the hottest day that weekend.  Well, a small cold front moved through (it rained a little the night before) and the sky was overcast the whole day.  This, combined with the very cold river water and a breeze, made for the perfect floating conditions.  No fear of heat exhaustion or sunburn that day!  The sun finally did come out though, quite literally as we were getting off the river.  It was such a great and relaxing weekend, but it never fails, vacations make you sleepy when you return.  I am still sleepy and trying to catch up.

This past weekend was one that I had been planning for as soon as the opportunity presented itself.  I had no plans to go anywhere, nothing that just had to be done (expect for two loads of laundry), and since it was going to be in the upper 90s this weekend, I decided to stay in and have a movie marathon.  I  moved my coffee table to the side of my living room, along with my papasan chair, pulled out my down comforter, two extra soft blankets, and my big Euro pillows from my bed and made a pallet on the floor of my living room.  This is were I spent most of my weekend.  I watched a lot of movies.  I ended up watching all eight of the Harry Potter movies.  I didn't sit on the couch once all weekend and Melody and I wrestled and played while I watching HP.  She liked having the blankets out.  Last night, I was almost sad to put everything away because I had enjoyed it so much.  It's so much easier to watch movies on the floor because there is so much room to stretch out and lay in different angles and still see the screen.

Dont' fret, I did get motivated on Sunday a little.  Since it was Grandparent's Day, I took my grandma out to lunch at one of her favorite restaurants and enjoyed some great grandma/granddaughter time.  Afterwards, I finally managed to exchange a shirt after two months, I did two loads of laundry and my mom was fabulous enough to take me to get a pedicure with her.  Thanks Mom!  My toes look so much better, but I could have continued the massage for another 15 minutes at least.  I also finished reading my book.  I didn't like it at all.  It was a struggle to finish it.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting like a movie marathon?

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