Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap...

How did you spend the official start of fall?  Did you spend time outside?  Did you do some cleaning?  Did you make a meal in your crock pot?  Did you take a nap?  Did you drink wine?  Well, I did all of these things. 

Friday:  If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have noticed on Wednesday last week that I was spending some time with a script.  This means that I got the part!!  Yay!  We had rehearsal Friday evening and that wrapped up the first week.  It was fun and I spent the rest of the evening with Melody and a glass of wine.

Saturday:  I slept in a little bit, which felt really good.  I got to enjoy some coffee and play time with Melody before I went shoe shopping.  Since I actually made it to the store before 11 am, I was able to get two pairs of shoes for about $50.  I was so excited to have some new shoes for work.  Mine were looking really bad and starting to hurt my feet.  I had to run a few more errands that day and was able to get my "office supply" fix when I went to Staples.  I should just stay out of that store.  I did manage to get what I went in for and the only extra thing I walked out with was a couple of Sharpie markers.  Early in the afternoon I finally, I mean finally, made it to organizing my closets.  They had gotten into bad shape recently and I was able to clean them out.  I collected two white trash bags of items for next year's garage sale, moved my memories box onto the top shelf in my closet from the floor of the spare closet.  My craft supplies got cleaned up and I ended up with about 6 shoe boxes that needed to be thrown away.  Normally, I would keep them for Christmas presents, but I already have a box collection.  My board games got a new home and everything looks so much better!  Sadly, no photos though.  I was way too much into the project to stop for pictures.

Saturday afternoon/evening, I spent some time reading my script, watching Home Improvement, and playing with Melody.  I didn't do a whole lot of anything, except I did spend some quality time with my book so that I could get it finished.  I ended up not going to bed until almost midnight because I was finishing my book.  I actually think I heard myself mutter the phrase:  "Just one more chapter" somewhere around 10 pm.  This book and the last book I read weren't on my reading list, but I wanted to get them off my shelf to see if I wanted to keep them.  I had read them first about 8 years ago and thought they were good enough to keep.  At least not now.

Sunday:  After enjoying my coffee, I started making my crock pot dinner.  It needed to cook for 8 hours, so I got an early start.  My whole apartment smelled of garlic, soy sauce, and wine.  Yum!  I got an itch to exercise on Sunday, so I did some fat blasting yoga and really worked up a sweat.  It felt so good though afterwards.  Melody was kind enough to wait semi-patiently for me to finish since I promised her we would go to the park.  She played and ran for almost and hour solid before she got tired.  When we got home though, she was so dirty, her legs were gray and she ended up getting a really good bath.  I met my parents at Dad's favorite place for snacks and drinks before spending some more time with my script that afternoon.  I think sometime around five I fell asleep on the couch and got a nice peaceful nap in. 

All in all, a very productive and yet relaxing weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! We made crock pot chili on Saturday ... it made our whole house smell soooo good!