Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I cleaned two closets over the weekend and the work has made a huge difference in the space.  It feels great to get rid of the things that clutter your space.

2.  Melody is supposed to graduate from Intermediate Training on Saturday.  We shall see if she actually does. That sassy little girl.

3.  I volunteered to donate to a bake sale this weekend for my grandma.  I have found two new recipes that I want to try out.  They seem simple enough too.

4.  My new planner is so pretty.  I hope it helps me to keep my life better organized.  I need everything is one place that I can carry around with me.  The phone wasn't working too well.


5.  The air here is turning crisper. I am really loving it.  The air conditioner is officially off and the windows are open.  Hopefully it doesn't get really hot again.  That's been known to happen.

6.  I learned something new this week.  I've always know I was an introvert, but I didn't know what all that involved.  Until now.

7.  Then, I just had to pin this because it is so incredibly true.

8.  I totally have resting bitch face.  Do you?

9.  It's official now.  Yippee!


10.  Speaking of which, I really truly want this mug

1 comment:

Martha Woods said...

That mug is awesome! And yes, I also have bitchy resting face. I'm glad there's finally a name for it!