Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap...

I don't know about you guys, but I had a great weekend!  The weather was perfect again and I had to enjoy every ounce of relaxation I could get.

Friday:  Melody and I enjoyed a great walk in the evening and spent some time practicing commands and I chilled for the rest of the night.

Saturday:  I slept in a little bit, then enjoyed my breakfast and coffee on the patio while writing out my to-do list for the weekend.  Yes, I created a list for my time off, but some items included were a manicure, pedicure, and a trip to the dog park.  Saturday was my most productive day.  I made two lasagnas to freeze, went to the pool, cleaned house, did laundry, ironed, etc.  It was a domestic kind of day.

I got to really enjoy the pool since there were only 11 people there total (that's actually more than usual).  Some of them were my new neighbors, but I didn't feel like talking to them (issues).  The water was absolutely freezing though.  Still, a very relaxing time at the pool.

Sunday:  Again, enjoyed breakfast and coffee on the patio.  This is really nice.  I flipped through some catalogs and then Melody and I went to the dog park for a while.  She played with some other dogs and sniffed out plenty of grass.  She ended up with a bunch of stickers in her hair, so she got a really good bath when we got home.  I went back to the pool where a few of the same people from Saturday were there.  There was this one girl though that did not stop talking during the whole 2+ hours I was there.  It was getting really annoying because I could hear her over my headphones.  She had the kind of voice that carries and she spoke loud and DID NOT SHUT UP EVER!  It was hotter on Sunday, so the pool water felt better.

Sunday evening I volunteered for an annual event that is a tradition on the college campus I work at.  It involved welcoming the incoming freshman and I have to say, it was quite the experience.  I had never seen it before and I was glad I went.  I got a free t-shirt and concert for standing around and cheering on the students.  Pretty cool, huh?

How was your weekend?

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