Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Thursday: A Place in My City I Love

I'm joining in on a link up today. 

This week's topic:

There are a few places I love in my city.  First would have to be where I work.  The campus is the largest botanical garden in our state, the flowers/plants change every quarter, and we have some amazing architecture and traditions.  My morning and afternoon walks are so brilliant because of this place.

Next, I love taking Melody to the dog park.  There's plenty of room for her to run, a beautiful lake, and a trail that wraps around. 

Finally, my city has access to one of the greatest trails in the country and this trail is the largest state park in our state.  I love riding my bike on this trail.  It's mainly flat, mostly in the shade, and beautiful anytime of the year.



Katrin said...

Looks like a beautiful place! Love all the nature!

Lin said...

Dude your city is way better than mine. I love all stuff there is to do outdoors. Also, my dog would so be jealous of that dog park. Ours is like 3 acres of nothing but sand and 6 trees. Totally lame. Thanks for linking up this week!

Martha Woods said...

What a beautiful place! I love all the outdoorsy spots you can go play with your dog, that's awesome :)