Friday, August 30, 2013

Book Review: The Go-To Girl

Name of Book:  The Go-To Girl

Author:  Louise Bagshawe

 Go-To Girl

Summary:  From  Gorgeous goddesses seem to surround lowly script-reader Anna Brown—from her deranged, glamour-queen boss to her perfect, pouting roommates. For Anna, being less-than-beautiful is hard to bear. With a dead-end job and a dead-beat boyfriend, she wonders if she can ever be a success. In beauty-crazed London, perhaps being talented just isn't enough. Enter Mark Swan, Britain's hottest director. Rugged, reclusive and powerful, everybody wants a piece of him—from studio heads to supermodels. He could be Anna's ticket to the top, but how can she ever hope to snag such a big star? Fed up with being dowdy and downbeat, Anna decides to chase her dreams, and with a little help from her friends, embarks on a madcap scheme to get what she's after.

What I Liked:  It’s a great story about a girl overcoming obstacles to fulfill a dream.  She also gets to tell her “friends” just what she thinks.

What I Didn’t Like:  I kind of wish that the antagonists got a little more of the comeuppance.   I felt they deserved a little move, but mainly because I was routing for the main character so much.

Overall Thoughts:  It’s a very easy read and a fun story to follow.  I enjoyed it enough to keep it on my shelf.  I may revisit it later.

Final Rating:  Silver Star 

Recommend?:  If you are looking for a fun chick lit read, grab this one.

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