Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1.  People who talk about how they prefer to not wear pants must not have a pet that likes to play or cuddle.

2.  My work computer has been corrupted and the IT help is nowhere to be found.

3.  I have two birthdays in October and I have already decided what I am getting for them.  So, I am waiting patiently for payday so that I can get them purchased.

4.  I have a color consultation with a new customer tonight and I am very excited.  And a little nervous.

5.  I hate when people waste my time.  It's one of my biggest pet peeves.  Does anyone else experience this problem?

6.  The apartment manager/contractor finally started working on the pond.  It's been looking disgusting for the past 2 weeks.  Hopefully by the end of the week, it will be all done.

7.  I am too lazy to add images to this post.  It's just not going to happen today.

8.  I'm still hunting for a big bulletin board so that I don't have to pay $40 for one, but I am coming up empty handed.  I really want one for my home office, so I might just have to bite the bullet so that I can get my office update going.

9.  I painted my nails on Sunday and surprisingly, it lasted until late yesterday before it started to chip.  That's progress.  PS--My "professional" top coat sucks ass.

10.  Melody has been extra sassy this past week.  Yesterday's class was exhausting.

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Martha Woods said...

People who waste your time suck. And I also plan ahead for birthdays and end up tapping my foot waiting for the money to buy the gifts I've picked out!