Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 on Tuesday

I've been reading these posts for ages and I have finally decided to join in the fun.  Lin usually hosts, but for right now, it's the lovely Alyssa

1.  I used my food processor last night for the first time.  I made tomato sauce to use in spaghetti later on.  My grandpa gave me some tomatoes from his garden and this is what I did with them.  It's a little spicy too.

2.  There are times when the soul just needs...

3.  I'm still getting used to Twitter and Facebook, but the pages are up and running. 

4.  Could you just imagine?

5.  My downstairs neighbor moved out.  I'm hoping for a hot single guy to move in.  *fingers crossed*

6.  It has finally rained some here.  That's really great, but I hope it doesn't rain this weekend.  I'm going camping.

7.  I rearranged my desk at work.  It has made a huge difference, but unfortunately, my back is still to the door.

8.  I am officially in Christmas shopping mode.  I've crossed two people off my list of 10 and am working on getting gift ideas.  I know it's early, but starting early is important for those on a tight budget.

9.  People at work are really aggravating right now.  The amount of time it takes to finish a simple project is ridiculous.

10.  Ocean Spray Cran-Apple is my new favorite drink.  Yum!

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