Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap...

My weekends can really fly by, but I get to enjoy them so much more now and I love that.  This past weekend was no exception.  I was still working from my to do list from the past weekend and am happy to report that even more got crossed off.

Friday:  I had placed a book order with Barnes and Noble and the tracking number indicated that my book should be in my mailbox when I got home that day.  Ooh!  I was so excited!  I came home and noticed that the UPS guy hadn't delivered yet, so I went about my evening.  Took out the trash, took Melody to the park (where she didn't play much), and had dinner.  I checked periodically for the delivery, but it never came.  I checked the tracking number only to find out that the book wouldn't be delivered until Tuesday!  They had changed the delivery date.  Totally bummed.  I was really looking forward to reading that book this weekend.  Now, I just need to wait one more day.

Saturday:  I had all intentions of getting up and hitting some garage sales.  Apparently, there were a whole bunch on my side of the city.  I ended up sleeping through my alarms (yes, alarms), so after breakfast and a cup of coffee, I finally set out around 11 am.  I did hit up a neighborhood garage sale, but it was really disappointing.  Everything was overpriced and a lot of it was junk.  The remaining items were for children.  So, no such luck with the garage sales.  I then went to pick up my cousin's birthday present and then saw that Pier 1 was having a sale, so I peeked in for a while.  I shouldn't have done that.  There was so much cute stuff to look at.  I walked out of there spending less than $10 and got my first Christmas present purchased.  Yep, it's time to start doing that.  Afterwards, I treated my car to a special wash and detailing.  I haven't washed my car since before winter started last November.  I don't spend a lot of money on car washing because I park outside and uncovered, so my car is always covered in pollen.  It's a waste of money.  However, the inside of my car was awful and I feel so much better now that it's been cleaned.

That night, a friend came over for a girl's night and we had a nice dinner (she cooked!) with wine and girl talk.  We finished the night with a movie and had a great time.  I ended up staying up late that night and went to bed exhausted.

Sunday:  My grandma took my cousin and I out to lunch for our birthdays.  Since both of our birthdays are this month, she takes us out somewhere in the middle to celebrate.  It was a lot of fun and I was happy that my cousin managed to keep his phone in his pocket the whole time, except for when he showed us pictures from his trip to a ball game and a project he's working on.  The kid doesn't know how to interact socially without his phone.  I received great birthday gifts also from the two of them.  A blender (yeah, smoothies!), a fancy cheese grater, a Starbucks gift card, a t-shirt, and Breaking Dawn Part 2. 

That afternoon, I did a little bit of laundry and hung it up to dry in front of a fan in my bathroom.  I have noticed that whenever I use the dryers at the laundry mat, or even the one in my building, my clothes always smell like an overheated dryer.  Even, when I do use a cooler setting.  So, I have started hanging my clothes to dry.  It seems to be going well.  While the clothes were drying, I took a short nap and then took Melody to the park.  She played more this time and we took a little walk around the trail.  It was at this time that my mind started to think a lot.  I didn't like that much because I didn't have anything to write on, so my thoughts kept flooding my brain.  Melody did really well with her loose leash walking (something we learned in school). 

When we got home, I made tortillas to eat with the leftover tacos from the night before.  They turned out so well this time.  The last time I made them, they weren't all that great.  I had some dinner, took care of some Mary Kay business and watched Friends.  It was a really peaceful and relaxing day.

How was your weekend?

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