Friday, July 5, 2013

Vacation Was Nice

Yep, I went on vacation with my parents this past week.  It was a nice four days, but it was still enough to make you tired.  My mom and I decided that this trip was to be nothing but relaxing by the pool, catching up on reading (I had 3 books on my Nook), and a little bit of shopping.  We thought Dad had agreed to this as well.  That was the plan.

Well, Dad is the kind of guy who feels that if you are on vacation, you should be doing something all the time.  He also thinks that if you aren't doing something before 9 am, you have wasted your day.  Needless to say, we spent the week shopping (more than we'd like, by the way) and doing something all the time.  We only got 2 hours at the pool.  In four days, one 2 hours at the pool.  Sad.

It wasn't all bad though because we had a great condo with a terrific view of the golf course.  It was very relaxing to watch the golfers in the mornings and evenings.  All of the green was just so pretty.  The weather cooperated too with perfect temps in the 80s and little humidity.  It was so nice.

I managed to save a little for the trip and I must say that I was very impressed with myself.  I gave myself very little to use toward shopping on this trip and I managed to bring money back.  Not just a couple of bucks, but $30!  Seriously, that's a lot of money to save for a broke girl like me.  But, the most exciting part was all that I was able to buy.  By being very particular and careful of was I purchased, I came home with:  2 dresses, a denim jacket, two shirts, a necklace, earrings, a cami, a brooch, and a Christmas gift.  I am proud.  I also can't wait to wear my new stuff!

When we finally came home, it felt good. Vacation is nice, but it always feels good to come home.  I was so excited to see the dogs and they were so excited to see us!  Melody grabbed onto my neck when I picked her up and she wouldn't let go.  It was so sweet.  We came home on Wednesday and on Thursday, my parents and Annie left to go camping while I relaxed and prepared to return to work today.  I can't tell you how much grief I received for having to come in to work on the Friday after the holiday.  Seriously, way too much.  Come on people, just let it go.

I'll be curious if it was worth my time to come in today.  But, the weekend is still free and I plan to enjoy the pool.  Did you have a good holiday?

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Lin said...

That sounds like a fantastic little vacation. You know, even if you didnt get to spend much time at the pool.

When you mentioned your dad being one of the people that doesnt like to waste a minute of vacation i totally had a flashback to "National Lampoons Vacation" movies haha...Clark Griswald was so kick ass.