Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend went by way too fast.  It was filled with awesomeness though.  How was your weekend?

Friday:  Melody and I played for a while, and then I fell asleep on the couch for about 45 minutes.  I woke up a little before 9 pm and decided to pick up the kitchen like I do every night.  Before I knew it, I was cleaning/reorganizing my office closet.  Then, I was going through all of my Mary Kay stuff and getting my cabinet organized and my class supplies prepped in my awesome bag.  I didn't finish until about 10 pm.  Then, Melody and I watched a little TV and then finally went to bed.  I didn't get any pictures from this weekend.  The closet looks great though!  There's even room to store my bike.

Saturday:  I slept late.  I've been really tired lately.  I think its because I've been so busy.  It's like I'm back at the hotel or the winery.  Anyway, after enjoying a breakfast of coffee and waffles, I went to the pool.  I was only planning on being there for about two hours tops.  Well, it ended up being 3 hours and this white girl forgot her sunscreen.  I don't know how I managed to forget that.  I have a serious sunburn.  I mean a serious one.  The bra is torture.  After the pool, I had to run some errands and I came back to make a new wreath for my front door.  It was in desperate need for something colorful.  Again, no pictures.  (Where was my camera all weekend?)  That evening, Melody and I went to a friend's house for a BBQ.  I didn't plan on staying late because it was an hour's drive, but I finally followed my parents home and spent the night.  I could have driven home, but I didn't. 

Sunday:  I knew I still had a lot I wanted to accomplish before my little party on Sunday, so I left my parents' house early, but still later than I had planned.  Like I said, I've been really tired.  I managed to get about half of what I wanted done.  I had a girls' night in party with some wine and snacks and fun, then we all went out to eat.  After dinner, two of us went to see the Man of Steel movie.  By the way, Henry Cavill is fucking sexy!  It ended up being a late night and I think something I ate didn't sit in my stomach very well.  I'm still not feeling all that great today, but I've only got a week before vacation.

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