Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today's Random

Some might call this a brain dump.  I call it random thoughts.

I really need to clean my apartment.

My office is really uninspiring and its time to do something about that.  I've got work I could be doing in there.

Allergies are kicking my ass this week.  However, the weather is absolutely beautiful.  Too nice to shut the windows and turn the air on.

Besides, I like that lower energy bill without air conditioning.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I noticed some basil had broken the surface of the soil yesterday.  Also, I had to move my little gnome to another pot.  He was covered up by the begonias.

I would like to find a tall plant stand to put on my patio.  I am determined to make the patio inviting and pretty.

My front door is seriously lacking some welcome decor.  It needs a new wreath.  There hasn't been one since Christmas.  Sad.

All I want to eat this week is junk food.  I got some Red Vines yesterday and made chocolate cookies on Sunday.

This council I am on at work really needs to get their shit together.  No one knows what anyone is supposed to be doing.

The pool opened at my apartment on Memorial Day weekend and I can't wait to go sit in the sunshine.

Melody's birthday is this weekend.  Yay!

I seriously think I can avoid the grocery store for the next month.  Except for milk and cereal.

My mom is awesome, she got me two pairs of summer shoes (which I was really in need of).  Thanks Mom!

I think I can safely take the ice scraper, DeIcer, and windshield cover out of my car.

The fountain outside my apartment has been really nice.  I like listening to it in the evenings.

Our garage sale last weekend was a big success and that makes me happy.  I still think we do better on Fridays, but I'm not complaining at all. 

There is a big family dinner this weekend.  I am making a cake and I can't wait to eat the delicious food my gifted family will bring.

I think that takes care of clearing my head for now. 

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