Thursday, June 13, 2013

Evening Occurences

Yesterday, when I got home from work, my plan was to clean my apartment after Melly and I went for a walk.  It needs to be cleaned up a little and yesterday would have been a good day for it.  Well, after the walk, my thoughts went something like this:  "F*ck that, I'm drinking wine tonight."  And that's what I did.

Around 8:30 pm, I decided that I wanted to try and make this almond butter that I have been thinking about for a while.  I had all the ingredients and everything and nothing much else going on, so I started.  An hour and a half later, I finished my cooking project and started cleaning up.  By the way, if you want a good arm toning exercise, get a manual food processor.  My butter turned out to be more of a spread, but it's still tasty.  If I ever want to make a really blended product, I need to get an electric processor.

I noticed last night, a trend of sorts.  This happens often, I thought.  I always get the urges to cook or bake or try a new recipe later in the evening during the week.  It's never:  "I don't have plans for Sunday, maybe I should try that recipe."  Nope.  When I made bread, I started the whole process at 6 pm on a Wednesday or Thursday night.  I even made a loaf this past Monday.  When I made frozen dog treats, it was a Tuesday night.  The breakfast cookies were made on a Monday evening.  Seriously, I think all of my recipes were made/tried on weeknight evenings.  Even my cakes.  Huh.  What does that say about me? 

It probably doesn't mean anything except that I get my creative urges during the week when time is limited and energy tends to dip.  I don't think I have ever made a wreath or some other craft project on the weekends either.  At least not many if any. 

So, I ask you, do you get creative urges at odd times?  Do you have a tendency that makes you go, hmm?

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Lin said...

Ha, I do the same thing! There are times when I know it's time for bed cause I have to be up at 3am for work & I get the urge to clean. Not like, pick up our REALLY scrub stuff kind of clean. Crazy.