Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1st Day of School

Melody started training school last night.  The class has a total of 6 dogs in the training with two others that are the demonstrators.  They include the following breeds:  beagle/coon hound mix, shih tzu/poodle mix, mini Schnauzer, Australian shepherd, German shepherd, and a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix.  Our teacher is very nice and friendly.  She's also very patient. 

Melody did pretty well for the first 45 minutes.  We learned three commands yesterday:  Watch Me, Target, and Sit.  She did so well learning the commands, but it was obvious when she started to get tired.  She became more interested in the other dogs and their treats.  We had a take a little play break to help her refocus.

At home, Melody is pretty good with sit.  I have been using a different hand signal at home than the one we learned, so I think that may have confused her a little.  Although, she did sit a few times on command.  At the end of the class, there was a sit contest where we see how many sits we could get in a minute.  Melody was tired by this time, so she only had two sits.  The beagle/coon hound mix (who by the way looks way more like a coon hound than beagle) had 17!  We will do this every week to mark their progress.

We were sent home with homework to practice every day for a little bit.  I have faith that Melody will do well.  We just need to work hard and focus.  She's just too damn cute to be untrained.

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