Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap...

Did everyone enjoy the Memorial Day weekend?  I had a great weekend of camping. 

After work on Friday, I met my mom and together with the dogs, we traveled to the campground to meet up with my dad who had everything already set up and ready to go.  One of the great things about camping is my dad will do all of the cooking.  Mom and I only have to clean up.  It's nice.  We had great temperatures for camping and were able to enjoy our campfire.  I have to say, I can make a good fire.  I had to laugh at our neighbors at the next campsite over.  They were completely incapable of starting a fire without the use of charcoal fluid.  They wasted at least two whole quarts of fluid throughout the weekend.  That's terrible. 

We visited my grandpa for a little while too since we were so close to his house.  We also hit up some antique stores and flea markets, as well as a few garage sales.  It was the town's all-city garage sale.  I scored an antique milk glass tray in the shape of a star, a muffin tin, a Garfield coffee mug, a vase in my favorite pattern, and some hooks for under $20.  I had high hopes for the hooks.  I wanted to use them to hang my aprons on the side of my refrigerator, but they won't stick.  I need a new plan.

There is a river town not far from where we were that we always go to when camping in this area.  They have a great street fair on Memorial Day weekend and one of the best coffee shops ever.  We always have a good time looking at the booths and I take coffee home with me each time.  It seems that we go there once a year.  I took how 2 pounds of coffee beans.  On the way back to the campground, we stopped at a restaurant we always stop at for a drink and some really delicious Texas cheese fries.  Yum!

Dad and I managed to get a bike ride in around the campground as well.  It was a little tough since it was really hilly and my first time on my bike this summer.  Did I mention that it rained a lot?  It always rains Memorial Day weekend and we have some to expect it.  It didn't rain the whole time though and we managed to have a terrific weekend.  Dad and I surprised Mom with a cake on our last night there too.  Her birthday always falls around Memorial Day weekend and we like to have a little treat.  Her actual birthday is Wednesday. 

When we finally made it home yesterday, we were all exhausted.  At one point while I was watching a show, I looked over and both parents and both dogs were asleep.  It was pretty funny.  I was exhausted too, but I knew that if I took a nap, I wouldn't sleep at night.  I'm still tired, but glad I had a great weekend.

Thank you to those who served/are serving to all us the freedoms we enjoy!

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