Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap...

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  The weather here was perfect, which made time spent with my mom and dad very nice.  I was at my parents house from Tuesday until Sunday.  That was a long visit but it was because of my car.

Friday:  My dad went for a weekend getaway with a buddy, so it was just me and Mom.  We got Chinese for dinner and watched Les Miserables.  I love the movie, but Mom had some issues along the way.  It didn't help that the dogs kept wrestling and making a lot of noise.

Saturday:  Since the sun was shining and temperature was perfect, my mom and I spent the morning and part of the afternoon on the patio watching the birds and soaking up some sunshine.  Then, we went to lunch and did some shopping.  I got a new pair of shoes and some socks.  Not very exciting, but still fun.  Afterwards, we went to play bingo.  We were running late and arrived at the beginning of the third game and my mom nearly bingo-ed within three minutes.  She actually ended up winning 4 times and I still only got close.  We try to tell my grandma that you can't draw attention to the fact that someone is within one from winning.  It's a jinx.  Still, fun for a good cause.

Sunday:  My mom and I again enjoyed the morning and some of the afternoon on the patio watching the birds and soaking up sunshine.  I also planted a new plant for Mom in a pot on the patio table, then re-potted three indoor house plants for her.  They really needed new pots and soil.  I hope that they all grow even more beautiful now.  One plant is over 20 years old and was desperate for a new pot and soil.  It's got a lot of room now, so hopefully, it will go for another 20 years.  A friend of ours had a daughter graduate from high school, so we went to her party for a while.  My hometown has a terrible habit of placing graduation on Mother's Day every year.  It was good to see the friends, including those we don't get to see very often.  My dad came back and cooked dinner for us like he always does on Mother's Day.  He barbecued some ribs.  They cooked for about 4 hours or so and were falling off the bone by dinner.  Yum!

Melody and I finally made it home last night just before it got dark.  I spent some time getting things put away and back in order while she laid on the couch for the rest of the night.  She is always tired after a visit with Annie. 

How was your weekend?

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