Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pretty Puppies!

Melody and Annie both went to the groomer on Wednesday last week and they always come back smelling so good and looking so pretty.  Unfortunately, both of them won't hold still long enough for me to get a good picture.

Annie goes for the shed treatment.  We learned that we should use exfoliating shampoo to help the loose hair fall out better. She sheds like I don't know what!  The first time she went, she got a bow attached to her collar.  This time, she came home with a cute bandanna.  We were all surprised to see that she kept it on and wasn't bothered by it at all.  Dad finally had to take it off before bed.

Melody always gets the "clean face" and "clean feet".  I got tired of seeing her food stained beard, so I had them shave it down.  Clean feet help to keep her from bringing in leaves and other dirt into the house.  Also, I love that she can wear bows.  She is getting a collection going now.

Enjoy the rest of these photos. 

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Anonymous said...

Precious puppies!