Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pinterest Recipe

I while back, I pinned this recipe to my Pinterest board to try.  I love each of the ingredients in these cookies and I wanted something that would be healthier and less expensive for breakfast.  Something to break up the cereal pattern.  And these look so pretty.

I made these on Monday night after spending an hour int he grocery store.  I've never made something with bananas before except for my oatmeal.  I did not add raisins to this batch though.  I only added dried cranberries because I like those a lot.

After following the recipe, I baked them up and waited for the to cool before storing them.  It was getting late that night, so I didnt' want to try them then.  I decided to wait until breakfast to officially try them.  Well, I'm not sure if I may have messed something up or had too high of expectations because I wasn't all that impressed with them.  They are really soft and chewy, which is nice in a cookie, but there's something a little off about them.  I will continue to eat this batch since they are not terrible.  I will try this recipe again sometime to see if the next round is better.  Maybe it's just my taste buds for bananas in baked goods.  Who knows?

If you are looking for something easy to make and quick to grab for breakfast in the morning that is healthier than the normal donut or something, try these.  They are not bad, just different from what I was expecting. 

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Lin said...

Yum! They came out fantastic.