Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Raining...It's Pouring...

...The Old Man is Snoring!  (Remember that nursery rhyme?)

It has rained every day but one for the past 6 days.  And, it's not just some showers.  No, it's full on thunderstorms and downpours.  Roads are flooded, everything is soaked, and the ground is super soggy.  The gutters of my building are apparently in desperate need of cleaning out because they are overflowing like waterfalls.  Literally.  I spoke to the office about this the last time we had serious storms come through.  Apparently, they didn't do anything about it.

Poor Melody started to cry this morning when I was leaving because it was storming so bad.  I had to get out it lightening and downpours to come to work.  Sad.  I'm not saying I want a drought like last summer, but can the rain stop just for a week?

I am particularly concerned about the rain this weekend because not only is it my home town's annual festival, it's the return of our annual garage sale!

We didn't have a sale last year because I was moving, so you can imagine that after two years, there is a collection of stuff to get rid of.  Since I haven't been traveling back and forth this week to prepare, I will have a long night of pricing, merchandising, and prepping tonight.  That's alright.  I can't wait for the sale.  I just hope that the rain holds off for at least four hours tomorrow morning.


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