Thursday, May 30, 2013

Herbs, One Month Later

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I have started to pin a lot of recipes.  Specifically, lots of recipes involving certain herbs.

Last week, I really noticed a difference in my herbs.  Then, I went away for the weekend and I could swear that when I came back on Monday, my plants had doubled in size again.   It's cool to see them growing.  The living plants make my patio so much more inviting.  Even if they are just herbs.

Let's remember what they looked like when planted: (left to right:  basil, chives, oregano, rosemary; bottom photo:  mint)


Now, look at them!

Wait, let's look at that again...

Did you see that?  My basil is missing.  This is a disappointing story.  I was told that basil is a very hardy plant and will grow so much that I would basically have basil out my ears and not know what to do with it all.  Well, two weeks in, my basil completely shrivelled and died.  Completely.  The one plant that I wanted grow was gone.  Ironic, huh?

But, there is light here.  My supervisor gave me some seeds that she is positive will grow quickly.  According to the package, they will take 5-10 days to germinate.  They are all nestled in the planter and now it is a waiting game.  But look at those herbs!  I'm pretty darn proud.

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Lin said...

So cool! I've been wanting to plant my own but absolutely awful with plants. So glad these are growing nicely for you though. Well, all except for the basil haha.