Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap...

It would have been great if I had taken pictures during this fabulous weekend we had.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  Perfect spring weather.  Sunshine, warm temps, and a little bit of rain last night.  The best part about this weekend?  I was able to open up all of my windows and my patio door to let the fresh air blow through.  I love just smelling the fresh air blowing through. 

Friday:  After work, I took Melody to the dog park to play for a while.  She ended up playing with a lab puppy this time along with a 3 lb. Morkie.  (So adorable!)  I've noticed that she is getting a little more into the other dogs.  She will start to go walk after them when they sniff her, or she will run towards some that are playing, but she doesn't go too far.  She usually just sniffs everything.  But, she's getting better.

After the park, I made a very simple dinner and watched Les Miserables.  I love this show, always have.  There is not another show ever made that can bring me to tears (I never cry!) like this one.  It was so awesome!  Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift.

Saturday:  I really slept in this weekend.  I didn't have to pack or go anywhere.  It's always so peaceful around my apartment in the mornings on the weekend.  It's nice to hear the birds chirping when you wake up too.  I enjoyed a few cups of coffee on the patio along with my book and after two a half hours, I am happy to say that I have crossed another classic novel off my reading list.  Afterward, Melody and I ran some errands.  She got her face trimmed and ears cleaned, and I returned some items that didn't fit.  We took a nice walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed sitting on the patio.  I also cleaned up my vanity a little bit too and I now have space for a little pretty item and I am on the hunt now for just the right thing.

Sunday:  I started reading a new book.  This time, something light and fun.  I took it with me to do laundry which is always a good way to pass the time at the laundromat.  I cleaned my apartment that morning too and then took Melody back to the park.  She didn't play as much this time, but she still got out and about.  I went to my uncle's house because he has had a lot of stuff that he has offered to me to go through and take what I wanted.  I ended up coming home with enough "stuff" that it took four trips to bring it all into my apartment.  Now, I just need to do some reorganizing to find the perfect place for everything. 

This past weekend was so relaxing.  I can't wait for another one just like it.  :)

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