Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap...

This was a very eventful weekend.  It's wasn't one of those relaxing-all-day-with-occasional-hops-outside.  This was a full on something-all-the-time weekend.

Friday:  Considering that Friday nights are my rest and relax nights after a long week at work, I am beginning to wonder if they should be included in the weekend recaps.  I didn't do a whole lot because I got home later in the evening after helping my mom with an event at work.  Melody and I played for a while, then I fell asleep on the couch.  At 11 pm, I woke up and decided we should go to bed.

Saturday: My parents and I went out to lunch, then I went and got my hair done.  Some highlights and a few layers later, my hair is refreshed and looks really good.  After the appointment, I booked it to my friend's house to celebrate the 80th birthday of Oma.  Oma is Mrs. P's grandma and she is one feisty lady.  It was so great to celebrate and be around everyone again.  It's been a long time since their whole family was together and we all chatted, played, ate, and the girls kicked but on Scene It!

Sunday:  I had made plans to meet a friend at the Earth Day celebration in town, so after helping my parents with a few chores, I set out to enjoy a street fair in the beautiful weather we had.  Street fairs really bring out some interesting people.  It was prime people watching there!  We saw some really kooky people.  Lots.  But, we had a good time and enjoyed the vendors.  There was live music and lots of sunshine.  I am glad I went. 

While at the fair, I got a message that my aunt had invited us to dinner because a cousin was visiting from Kentucky.  After running an errand, I drove back to my parents to pick up Mom, and she and I drove an hour to meet and have dinner.  My aunt always cooks a lot of food and she is a very talented cook.  We stuffed ourselves and chatted for a couple of hours, then it was back home.  I got back around 9:30 and spent the rest of the evening prepping for the week.  It's going to be a busy one.

How was your weekend?

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Lin said...

Ooh getting your hair done always makes you feel great. I'm sure it came out fantastic :)