Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekend Recap...

Did you have a good weekend?  I did.  It seems that there is something going on every weekend lately.  Even this weekend is scheduled.  Anyway,

Friday:  If you remember from my post about the awesome stuff I received from my uncle, there was a recipe box.  The lid didn't fit on it anymore, it was that full.  Well, on Friday night, I put on a Will and Grace DVD and sorted through every single recipe in there. 

It was so cool to find some that belonged to my great grandmother, who was a really good cook.  I also had to laugh a bit too because it was obvious that my aunt was a baker, and not a cook.

Saturday:  It was really weird not to enjoy my coffee on the patio.  Why?  Because on Thursday, my coffee maker broke!  :(  I was so upset.  No coffee at home.  Instead, I drank hot tea, which isn't a morning beverage for me.  Oh, well.  After I got motivated, Melody and I got all packed up to go to my parents house. 

It was also Big A's (Mrs. P's oldest son) birthday.  He turned 12 on Saturday.  I can't believe that he is growing up.  I remember when he was born.  My mom and I visited with Mr. and Mrs. P for a while before heading out to bingo to support my grandma and the senior center.  I like to play bingo a lot, but it gets very disheartening when the same people win over and over and over again.  One woman won 5 times!  Another couple won 3 times.  These same people win every time we play.  However, my mom and I met a very nice lady and her grandson and had a lovely conversation.

Sunday:  Our family had postponed it's Easter dinner until Sunday and it was a blast.  I love my family, they are so cool.  The kids had a lot of fun hunting eggs and we all enjoyed a lot of the delicious food that was very abundant.  My family is full of wonderful cooks.  My cousin and I even pleaded for some of a certain dessert to be saved for us.  If you knew us in real life, and this dessert, you would know that this is very funny.  It was almost all gone.  There was just enough for each of us to split. 

After we came home, we spent much of the afternoon outside soaking up the sun.  I ended up with a ridiculous farmer's tan.  Then, it was back home to iron two weeks worth of work clothes.  PS--don't do that again. 

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Lin said...

Holy cow those are a lot recipes. Bet the end result was totally worth it though...all that possible deliciousness.