Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Recap...

I know, it's Tuesday already and I haven't posted about the weekend.  Shame on me.  I need to stay on top of things, don't I.  Oh well, I'll get over it.   This past weekend was nice.  The weather cooperated, except it rained all day long on Saturday.  But, I think that brings us out of the drought finally.  So, Yay!

Friday:  Friday evenings are really my relaxing evenings.  I am usually really tired after the week at work and I take Friday night and relish it.  When I came home, I had a great surprise waiting for me on my doorstep.  It was my swap package, but you will get to see that tomorrow.  Since the weather was really nice, I took Melody to the dog park.  It's being redesigned and the process is moving along.  She played and ran around, which is a good thing.  I like to take her there.  She also decided to jump into the pond.  She had ran too far ahead of me, so I wasn't right beside her.  I didn't know if she could swim or not.  This was the first time she went into the water.  Let's just say that she gave me quite a scare, but she managed to come out alright.  She shook herself off and continued her running.  We came home shortly after that and she got a much needed bath.

Saturday:  I slept in.  It's nice that on the weekends, it's pretty quite around my apartment.  I could actually hear birds when I woke up.  I enjoyed a couple cups of coffee, then packed my stuff up and went to my parents house.  Dad was helping a friend for the day, so Mom and I spent the day together, which was very nice.  That evening, my parents and I watched The Hobbit.  Good movie!  Perfect for a rainy day too.

Sunday:  Our family's big Easter dinner was postponed a couple of weeks, so while Dad was helping a friend again, my grandma took my mom and I, plus my cousin and uncle out to lunch.  We had a great time talking together.  We were at the restaurant for a lot longer than we had anticipated.  When we got home, my mom and I just had to sit outside and enjoy the incredible weather we were experiencing.  The dogs even got to sunbathe.  That night, Mom fixed her famous cordon bleu for dinner.  I haven't had this meal in a very long time and I was so excited to eat it that I didn't even bother with my camera.  Sorry that you don't get to see the awesome meal, but you should know that it was so delicious!  I even brought some home with me.

Did you have a good Easter weekend? 

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