Friday, April 19, 2013

Surprise Package

Yesterday, the UPS guy stopped by my office to deliver a package.  Cool, getting boxes delivered from the really hot guy is always fun.  This package was interesting though.  The address was mine, but the name was that of my predecessor.  The one who retired 2 years ago.  Odd.  The retailer was for one that I have never ordered online from for work items.  Even odder.

So, I opened the package (It's not uncommon for me to get mail addressed with her name.)  I found something really odd in the package.  Who would order this item online, I wondered.  Why not go to the store?  Hmm...  The billing address isn't correct, they moved almost two years ago.  Weird.

Then, I contacted another coworker who is in touch with the recipient of this order and asked her to get in touch with her so that I could get her package to her.  This morning, I received a phone call from the recipient and learned that there was some sort of credit fraud/mix up or something with this particular website and this person's credit card number.  They had just gotten their new card in the mail yesterday.

She informed me that she didn't order this product, didn't want it, and that if I would like to keep it, I could.  Cool!  I like to get free stuff.  It sucks for them that this happened, but I got something pretty cool to keep for myself.  What did I get, you wonder?

A 96 pack of Crayola crayons.

Her parting words to me this morning:  "Happy Coloring!"

I find this to be a really funny story, partly because I really like to color. 

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