Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some People Need To Learn

It is starting to become an issue.  Maybe more people should read this article from Discovery News.  Or, if you want another description, read this.  Everyone has their own personal space and we all react differently to invasion of that space.  Personally, I get anxiety and sometimes angry. 

The reason I am blogging about this today is because yesterday, three different people invaded my space.  A couple of them have done this multiple times before.  Now, I am sure that they don't mean to.  They probably don't think anything of it.  I get it.  But, this is something that should be understood.  If you weren't invited, stay back.  In my personal experiences, I have physically moved myself to regain personal space.  Sometimes though, that's not an option.  This usually occurs in crowds, or when someone is standing right behind me or leaning over my shoulder at my desk.  In these cases, there is nowhere to go and that is when the anxiety and anger set in.  The ability to control these reactions has become quite the skill that takes constant practice.  It's very hard work and sometimes exhausting.

Some readers might be thinking, "Well, you're just a bitch, Ms. Attitude.  Get over it."  Yeah, maybe I am.  I don't mind that.  What bothers me is when people don't respect others, their feelings, and boundaries.  I know I am not the only one who has issues with this. I know there are others who feel that personal space is important.   It's very difficult to explain to someone the need for space without sounding rude, hateful, or crazy. (check out line, anyone?)  How do you even do that?  We shouldn't have to just "suck it up".  We should all be respectful of others.  Here is another interesting article on personal space.

Have you seen this adorable comic?

I love this.  It's funny and cute.  I originally saw this on another blog a few years ago.   However, the topic is so real.  I've placed this as my desktop image as a way to bring a smile when I need one, to make light of the situation, and even in the slightest of hopes that people will read it and take note.  Too wishful?  Probably.

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Lin said...

People not respecting personal boundaries is a big pet peeve of mine. It's like, if you dont know me then stay at arms length (the closest) and if I do know you then stay that far anyway cause most likely itll still bother me haha.