Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's So Not Fair!

Please read my title of the post in the whiny adolescent way it is intended.  It is only fitting.

My work has this program that offers an incentive for well being.  You complete three activities, and you earn a $100 health savings.  One of those things is to get the terrible finger prick and have all of you numbers read.  Today was the day I got mine done. 

First, I was missing my coffee so much that I couldn't write my name correctly on the form.  Then, I hadn't thought about the finger prick until about 10 minutes prior to my appointment.  If you don't know, I have a SERIOUS anxiety problem with needles/shots/sticking/etc.  This caused my heart rate to go up.  Then, I got the really hot guy as the one to work on me.  Heart rate goes up some more. 

I'm serious, if I had a type or perfect guy in mind, it would be this guy.  Blue eyes, dark blond hair, charming smile, nice shoulders, friendly...  I explained to him my issue with needles and he put me at ease.  It wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  While we were waiting on the numbers, we chatted.  That's when I learned he was engaged and getting married next weekend.  Then, they are moving to Philadelphia.  It's so not fair!  I think I could seriously hit it off with this guy and he's getting married.  Typical.

Anyway, my blood pressure was high according to the machine, so the nurse came over to do a manual read.  Those numbers were perfect!  That's the word he used.  The rest of my numbers were really good too.  My glucose was good, my cholesterol was good, the ratio, everything was good.  Except for my triglycerides.  They were pretty high.  Not so much that it would require a serious lifestyle change or overhaul, but baby steps would help.  I learned what I already knew, I eat too many carbs and not enough fruits or vegetables.  Also, I need to exercise a little more.  Duh.

But hey, I got to talk to a really hot guy.  I finally learned what my numbers are and how my lifestyle effects them.  I also learned that I am pretty healthy, even if I am 60 pounds overweight.

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Lin said...

Aw, that's definitely not fair. Although, in the end I suppose the appointment was good for something other than just eye candy :)

Glad you're healthy!