Friday, April 5, 2013

I Have a Problem

I've noticed something about myself recently.  I can't believe I haven't noticed this before.  It's quite surprising actually.  Take a look:

In my kitchen:

On my desk at home:

In my desk at home:

In my office drawer at work:

Do you see it?  Apparently, I hoard pens.  Wow.  This doesn't include the pens I keep in my skin care class supplies, or the pens in my purse (there's 2), or the pens in my car (there's 2 also) or the one on my end table in the living room.  This came to view to me when I realized that I cannot throw a pen away if it still has ink in it.  I must use up an entire pen before throwing it away.  At work, I know that I will use only one pen until it is completely dried up before I reach for a different one. 

Does anyone else have a weird quirk that's hard to explain?

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