Friday, April 12, 2013

Awesome Stuff

I have a great family!  There, I said it.  You may think that your family rocks, and you are probably right, but my family rocks too.  My aunt was one of those people that would buy a bunch of things when she saw them or when they were on sale just to have for a gift some day.  This resulted in a whole closet (and them some) of "stuff".  There is no other way to describe it.  After she passed away, my uncle offered me the opportunity to go through and basically take whatever I wanted.  He's not going to do anything with it, so let it go to someone who will use it.  This does not include all of the cake supplies I received that were hers.  See, my family rocks.

Well, this past weekend, I was finally able to go over and look through the items and I came home with some really cool stuff.  It took me four trips to bring everything up the stairs from my car, but I love it all.  Check it out:

Here is what you see:

A Pampered chef trifle bowl
Another cake pan, this one for shortcakes and such
This and That storage boxes
Mango margarita mix and salt
Pomegranate liqueur
Two coffee mugs
Two very large mixing bowls with lids (one is 32 cups)
A little mug that says:  "I don't know of anything better than coffee with good friends"
A box stuffed full of recipes (seriously, its so full that the lid doesn't go on)
Lawn chair candle holders for the patio
Two martini glasses
Two wreaths
A "Believe" sign
Three cookbooks:  chocolate, cookies, and breads
A sign that reads:  "There's a skinny girl who lives inside of me trying to get out, but I can usually shut her up with cookies"
A hostess set complete with color coded serving spoons

Oh, and a photo bomb by Melody.

I seriously have an awesome family!  Thanks Uncle J!

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Lin said...

Hey that's some pretty rad stuff! You really lucked out.