Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap...

What a terrific weekend!!  The big thing that happened this weekend was that I went to Mary Kay Career Conference for the first time in two years.  I love this event!  It is such a fun experience and educational too.  Did I say inspiring?  I came back from this one with a really renewed sense of excitement and meaning for my business.  Also, we got free product.  These are selected new items for the quarter.  I have tried two of the so far and I am forming my opinions.  I really love the Career Conference and am looking forward to getting back to work.

I came home on Saturday evening and went straight to my parents house since they were watching Melody.  That night, it snowed again.  This time, my parents got about 10 inches.  My apartment got about 6-8 inches.  It's wet, slushy, and very heavy.  Did I mention that this is Spring Break for the students?  Haha!

It was nice spending some time with my parents.  My dad even helped me load my car, which was nice since I always come home with more stuff than I came with.  I came home on Sunday and found that the maintenance crew had replaced the faulty fill valve in my toilet, although, they had my name wrong on the ticket.  Hmm...

I realized last night that I really need to clean my apartment.  That is going to happen tonight.  Then, I have mounds of paperwork to sort through.  I also need to transfer my MK supplies into the new bag that I got specifically for that purpose.  It's going to be a busy night.

How was your weekend?

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