Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Recap...

All of a sudden, I got popular!  I received 2 additional invitations after I had already made plans for the weekend.  It's really incredible for me, because if you have been around here for a while, I never really had much of a social life.  I have started to realize that I need to not always make plans and be prepared for last minute invites.  This has been the trend. 

Friday:  I went to visit my grandma for a while after taking Melody to my parents' house to play.  I love going to Grandma's she always has snacks and we can talk for hours.  It is do great.  Do you have a grandparent that you could sit and talk to like an old friend?

Saturday:  In the morning, I went to get some last minute items for a birthday gift.  Then, in the afternoon, I watched some Family Guy and took a nap for a little bit.  It was Mr. P's 30th birthday and to celebrate, everyone brought their own style of homemade pizza.  We had a blast with dancing, music, games, chatting, etc. 

Sunday:  I expected to be lazy, but my parents and I ended up going to get a new computer for them (I'm so jealous!) and then we went out to lunch at my dad's favorite place.  I didn't drink any green beer, but I did enjoy some chili nachos.  The best in town, I will say!  Yum!

My dad was nice enough to help me carry my things up the stairs into my apartment, so when I finally made it home, it was just one trip this time.  I managed to pick up a few things and then crashed for the rest on the night on my comfy sofa.  I ended up watching Riverdance to celebrate the holiday.  I love that show and would love to see it live.  Not to mention, learn how to do that.

I must mention my favorite show's finale last night.  I have watched the Biggest Loser for years (since it's second season) and I always find it so inspiring.  It was so great to see all of the contestants and all of my favorite people made it into the finals, but my favorite contestant from the very beginning ended up winning.  When Danni Allen came out last night, she was completely unrecognizable.  She also managed to gain over 19 pounds of muscle while on the ranch.  Even some men can't do that.  Can you believe this girl, from 258 to 137?

She won by one pound!

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Lin said...

Look at you being a little social butterfly. Go you! I love reading about your weekends, they're always so mellow.