Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap...

Wow, it's a good thing I had scheduled a bunch of book reviews, because it's been a really long while since I actually posted.  Sorry about that.  I was doing really well with the book reviews, but now I am behind by 6.  I just finished another book on Friday.  How was your weekend?  I had a good one, except this daylight savings time seriously messes with the system.  Check out the costs here.  Let's just pick a time and stick with it.  No changing the clocks.  It doesn't make sense.

Friday:  I went to my parents this weekend and had a nice visit.  We made homemade pizzas and my dad made us watch this really weird ass movie.  Have you ever seen District 9?  This is NOT a movie I would watch.  I only watched it on Friday because we were having "family time".  I have to say, it got easier to watch after the gross parts were over.

Saturday:  The daytime was spent relaxing and doing laundry.  I didn't get dressed until 1 pm and it was nice.  I hosted a Thirty One catalog party a couple of weeks ago and the items came in so I went to pick them up.  I am so excited for the pieces I got.  Then, in the evening, my mom and I went to play bingo in support of the local senior center.  It's always fun to play and I came close so many times to winning, but never got to win.  My mom won twice and this other lady won 4 times!  There were a few others that won a couple times as well.  My grandma and I shared our defeat.

Sunday:  My parents and I went to lunch at a new place in town.  I like it there, but it's not a place I could go to all the time.  It can get expensive with its special beers.  The menu is British inspired as well, so it's a little different.  I still liked it.  I got home early on Sunday and spent the rest of the day picking up around my place, ironing my clothes, giving Melody a bath, and trying restlessly to get the tangles and knots out of her hair.  I got most of them, but there will be more today, I know.  She is in desperate need for a hair cut.

These past couple of weeks have been busy in the office, so I have neglected a few things.  I just need to get through Wednesday and we will be back on track.

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Lin said...

How dare work get in the way of blogging?! Rude.

Totally agree with the time change rant. Really dislike this change, however I dont hate it as much as when the time rolls forward. One thing I have noticed is that the day goes by super quick now.