Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three Days of Production

This week has been Spring Break at work, and that means quietness and a light workload.  These weeks are great, but they go by way too fast.  I can't believe it's Thursday tomorrow. 

I have has a really productive week so far though, especially in the evenings at home.  On Monday, I cleaned my apartment.  I even dusted!  I also managed to sort through my enormous mound of paperwork and I mended a hole in my robe.  On Tuesday, I filed all of my paperwork appropriately, ironed clothes, and transferred my MK class supplies into their new bag.  Today, I went to the grocery store, paid some bills and renewed my website.  I have already had two orders on my website today that totalled over $100!  That is so exciting!

I also did research for a good bank to open a business account and now, all I have to do is cash a couple of checks and open the account up.  It's great to have things in order.  Now, all I need to do is make some phone calls and get some bookings on the calendar. 

How has your week gone so far?

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