Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Today is the official first day of Spring.  While it is always exciting to come out of the winter blahs, it's only going to be 38 degrees today.  And cloudy.  The flowers haven't been blooming here because we got a lot of snow just a couple of weeks ago.  There are still big piles of it in some places.

I have to admit, spring really isn't one of my favorite seasons.  Yes, it's very pretty with all of the colors and the days get longer, but I have really bad allergies.  They always start up around April/May and continue until the first frost in October.  I also prefer brisker temps; fall's my favorite.

I am looking for some plants to put in my pot on my patio.  I want something colorful, can survive in indirect sunlight, and keeps bugs away instead of drawing them near.  I read that petunias might be good.  Any ideas?  I want to get it started soon so that they have plenty of time to bloom and be pretty.

One great thing about spring is that is gets the mind thinking of projects.  Now that my movie project is done, I can move on to the next thing on my list, which is my photos.  If you thought I had a lot of movies, wait until you see my pictures.  It's going to be a massive project.  But, I am excited about it.  I just need to set the budget and get started.  What spring projects do you have in mind?

I also think it's time for me to get crafty again.  A new wreath for my door is in order.

Happy Spring!

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Lin said...

Cant really say Spring is my favorite season either. It's nice and all but it just reminds me of the fact the hot weather's on the way. Good luck with your flowers :)