Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Review: Unbecoming Behavior

Name of Book:  Unbecoming Behavior

Author: Stephanie Rowe
Summary:  From the back of the book:  It all begins with two little words:  unbecoming behavior.  Shannon McCormick is only one step away from being fired from her job at a snobby Boston law firm.  So what if she accidentally flashed the newest hotshot attorney?  The egomaniac spent his first day slamming doors in her face, usurping her secretary, then going home with her roommate.  And it’s her behavior on trial!

Just to confirm there’s no justice in the world, her younger sister, fresh out of college and starting Harvard Medical School in the fall, is about to become Mrs. Rich Plastic Surgeon; her mom invites her ex-boyfriend to all the wedding festivities to give Shannon one more chance at “Mr. Perfect”; and her crush for the last twenty years suddenly-now of all times!- notices her as a woman.  Plus, the only nice guy she knows-her one true friend at the moment-she realizes she doesn’t know at all.

Before she winds up unemployed and living in a cardboard box in the park, Shannon will have to take a stand and make a case for living life on her terms.  She’s going to prove how far a little unbecoming behavior can take her. 

What I Like:  I liked the story of a person with an unconventional job in a conventional environment, as well as someone trying to break free from family expectations.

What I Didn’t Like:  Some of the people in Shannon’s law firm are really terrible.  Not to mention, she begins to trust people that you know are bad news.

Overall Thoughts:  This was written so that it flows easily and is an enjoyable story.  Especially if you are looking for something light and easy.

Final Rating:  Silver Star


Recommended?  Yes

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