Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Review: Bridget Jones's Diary

Name of Book:  Bridget Jones’s Diary

Author:  Helen Fielding


Summary:  From  Bridget Jones Diary follows the fortunes of a single girl on an optimistic but doomed quest for self-improvement. Cheered by feminist ranting with her friends Jude. Shazzer and 'hag-fag' Tom, humiliated at Smug Marrieds' dinner parties, crazed by parental attempts to fix her up with a rich divorcee in a diamond-patterned sweater, Bridget lurches from torrid affair to pregnancy-scare convinced that if she could just get down to 8st 7, stop smoking and develop Inner Poise, all would be resolved.

Bridget Jones First came to public attention in Helen Fielding's hugely popular fictional diary in the Independent newspaper. In this novel based on her creation, Fielding offers us a brilliantly funny picaresque tale: a year in the life of a girl determined to 'have it all' - the second she's finished this cigarette and phoned Shazzer.

What I Liked:  What a great story of a slightly older single gal trying to make life better for herself while still dealing with meddlesome mothers, pretentious men, and other irritating people.  I also love how it was written just like a journal.   

What I Didn’t Like:  Sometimes, the abbreviations in the journal writing got a little annoying.  Also, when it is ever a good idea to get involved with the boss? 

Overall Thoughts:  I thought this story was really funny and definitely enjoyable.  When you read the book, try not to compare it to the movie.  They are both great, but you must read the book as a book, not a movie. 

Final Rating:  Gold Star


Recommended?  Absolutely!  Especially if you are single.

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