Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend Recap...

If you are looking for an Oscars recap complete with my "best dressed" opinons, you won't find it.  Although, I watched every minute of the award show.  If you are wondering why I'm not posting this until Wednesday, it's because the internet in my apartment has been down since Sunday night.

Friday:  We did end up getting the winter storm everyone was worried about.  It snowed about 10 inches where I live and it was so bad, the university where I work closed down.  I ended up getting half of Thursday off and Friday off for free!  I spent the snow day taking care of some projects and relaxing.

Saturday:  I spent the entire day relaxing.  I wrote a lot of book reviews over the weekend and Melody and I spent a lot of time cuddling.  My parents came and picked me up for lunch too.  My dad was nice enough to shovel out my car.  I spent 45 minutes cleaning it off and it was the cleanest car in the parking lot.

Sunday:  My mom and I finally ventured out to do some shopping and then made a run to the grocery store.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing some more.  I really took advantage of the snow days.  I got the urge to cook (even though I had plenty of left overs to eat), so I made two small lasagnas and froze them to cook later.  I knew I wanted lasagna this week, but I also knew I wouldn't want to spend a lot of time cooking in the evening either.  I pulled one out last night and baked it.  It was so yummy! 

We ended up having to go back to work on Monday, which wasn't too bad.  Although, I finished all of my work before noon, so I spent the rest of the day working on little projects I created for myself.  It snowed again that night and while watching the news, we learned that campus was closed again the next day, so Tuesday was another snow day!  I didn't do a darn thing except perform some dog toy surgery.  (more on that later)  I even managed a nap that lasted 1.5 hours.  It was so nice.

It was back to work today, but hey, we are already half way through the week.  Only two more days and its the weekend again.  :)  It is still snowing though.  It's light, but still wet snow.  I've lived in Missouri long enough to know that we always get the bulk of our snow in February and I am not complaining.  We really need it.

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Lin said...

So much snow! Sounds like you had one really nice weekend.

I havent cooked in so damn long, it's sad. Good for you for cooking things & saving them for late.