Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Review: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Author:  Robert Louis Stevenson

Summary:  From  A single person—but with two personalities: one that’s noble and kind and another that’s pure, repulsive evil. Robert Louis Stevenson’s engrossing masterpiece about the dual nature of man—and a good doctor whose thirst for knowledge has tragic consequences—serves up all the suspense and satisfying chills one expects from the best horror and science fiction.

A kind and well-respected doctor can turn himself into a murderous madman by taking a secret drug he's created.

What I Liked:  This was a classic.   I was able to cross it off my classics reading list.  Also, it was only 77 pages long.  I also liked the setting of the story, London in the 1800s.

What I Didn’t Like:  There really didn’t seem to have a plot.  It was more of a person describing something without really going anywhere.  The big climax left much to be desired.  Something sad is that even though it was only 77 pages, it took me over 5 hours to read.  This book was really boring at times.

Overall Thoughts:  It’s great to read a story that focuses on how people can change and become addicted to substances.  Not only that, but also how others react to the circumstances.  I have to say though, movie adaptations do not represent Mr. Hyde in any way as he is described.  He would be an even more frightening character had they stuck with the original description.

Final Rating:  Blue Star


Recommended?  Yes, read it so that you can say you did.  Then, form your own opinion.


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