Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Review: Alternate Beauty

Name of Book:  Alternate Beauty

Author:  Andrea Rains Waggener

Summary:  From BN.com:  She couldn’t change the way the world looked at her, so she changed the world.…

Ronnie Tremayne is a big girl with big dreams: she wants to be a fashion designer. But as her model-thin mother never fails to remind her, in fashion, image is everything—and Ronnie is a size 28. When she learns that her job managing a plus-size boutique is in jeopardy because her weight is “disturbing” to the clientele, Ronnie loses control. After a late-night binge, she dozes off wishing for a world where fat is beautiful. When she awakens the next morning…it is.

Now the ideal woman, Ronnie is thrust into the spotlight. She attends the best parties. She has her mother’s approval. Her boss invests in her clothing line. And the men! But as her appetite for life grows, Ronnie’s appetite for food shrinks. She soon becomes unrecognizable—inside and out. And while navigating the giddy highs and miserable lows of this so-called perfect world, Ronnie discovers what she should have known all along: it’s not the size of your body that matters, but the size of your heart.

Wise, witty, and compassionate, this stunning debut novel speaks to anyone who has ever engaged in the battle of the bulge—or the exasperatingly elusive pursuit of perfection.

What I Liked:  I liked the basis of the story.  It’s about the not-so-typical heroine.  She’s plus sized in a world where the bigger you are, the more beautiful you are.

What I Didn’t Like:  I don’t like how she reacts once her world is changed.  I am still not sure as to whether or not I liked some of the plot points.   

Overall Thoughts:  This was the first book I have ever read that left me wondering how I felt about it once finished.  Did I like it?  Did I hate it?  Was it okay?  I still can’t figure it out.

Final Rating:  Green Star

Recommended?  Yes


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