Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap...

It seems that I have been packing a bag and traveling every weekend for the last few months.  Oh wait, I have been.  My family has been so busy with events that I have spent about 3-4 weekends alone in my place since November.  That's crazy. Although, it hasn't been all terrible.  :)

Friday:  Before I headed out, Mrs. P came to pick up a birthday cake I made for her stepsister.  I wasn't a real big fan of it.  It was too black and too boring.  Oh well, it was what she wanted.  While at my parents' house, I was able to watch chill on the couch with the dogs.  Melly had surgery on Tuesday and is supposed to take it easy.  There were a couple of times that she needed to be put in her pen for a while because she and Annie were way too active. 

Saturday:  Dad made on of his delicious breakfasts and we all chilled for a while.  Then, I worked on laundry and such and wrapped a couple of baby gifts for a shower that we went to that afternoon.  It was a sweet shower and the parents-to-be received a lot of great gifts.  We got to see some friends that we don't see very often.

After the shower, my mom and I visited my Grandma for a while and then we went home where Dad had just grilled some fresh pork steaks.  Yum!  That evening was a really relaxing one.  I didn't do too much after dinner. Except watch Family Guy.  A lot of it.  :)

Sunday:  My mom and I ran some errands and hit up a flea market.  I have been on the search for a plant stand and a spice rack for a while now.  I didn't want to buy a brand new one of each and pay full price when I knew that somewhere out there, the items I were looking for could be found and thrifted.  Well, Mom discovered a spice rack hidden under some things and also pointed out a terrific stand.  Thanks, Mom!  I am so happy to have a plant stand in my living room now.  It's got a few shelves on it, so I need to get my pretties and photos organized so that I can fill the shelves.  The spice rack is in need of a paint job and I think I have sweet talked my dad into painting that for me this week.  :) 

And that was my weekend.  Did you happen to catch my first two book reviews over the weekend?  I am working on writing those so that they can be posted and I can get caught up.

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