Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend Recap...

I haven't posted for the last couple of nights because I was so excited about the new season of The Biggest Loser!  I have waited a year for the new season and I love that they are taking on childhood obesity as well.  The three kids they have on the show are amazing.  Oh yeah, Jillian's back too.  That rocks!

Anyway, I had a great weekend even if a little problem crept up.  (My cousin is your typical 19 year old boy.)

Friday:  I went to my parents house where I ate some yummy Mexican food and chilled for the night.  It wasn't a really busy night (Friday's usually aren't) because Saturday was going to be a busy day. 

Saturday:  I went to a baby shower for a family member.  It was really fancy for a baby shower, but not nearly as fancy as the one for her sister last summer.  The mom-to-be is so sweet and it was a really good time chatting with the other amazing women in my family.

After the shower, I spent some time doing laundry, ate lunch, clipped the dogs' nails, then went to Grandma's to put away her Christmas decorations and work on the puzzle.  Getting everything put away didn't take long at all.  We had some great people help lift stuff to me in the attic and that was appreciated.  When all of the decorations were put away, Grandma and I had pizza and worked on the puzzle.  I am so happy to say that the puzzle is finally finished!

(For some reason, I am unable to upload the photo of the completed thing. Grrr....)

This puzzle is 1000 pieces and these pieces are barely an inch big.  Between the two of us, we have put in over 30-40 hours of work into this thing to get it done.  The colors all look similar but it was so exciting to finish.  It's also 24" by 30".  Now, I am on the hunt for some glue so that it can be framed and used as a decoration.  We put too much work into it to take is apart.

Sunday:  My dad and I moved my parents' desk from the old office (now the dining room) into the new office (my old bedroom) and also relocated some cable and phone line cords.  It took a while and my biceps are tight, but it looks good now.  After that, Mom and I spent a lot of time cleaning out the paperwork that was stored in the desk.  Wow, there was stuff in there from when I was 14 years old.  Not to mention all of Mom's stuff.  It's never been gone through, so now it looks great!

Dad also made his famous spaghetti for dinner and I was still able to get home before it got dark.  I don't like to unload my stuff in the dark and it just seems like the day is over once I get everything put away, so having a little bit of daylight helps.  It never fails, I also bring back more stuff with me than what I took to begin with.

And that was my weekend.  How was yours?  

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