Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trouble with Glossies

I used to be a subscriber to Cosmopolitan.  I subscribed to it for over 10 years.  Before that, I read Cosmo Girl, along with other teenage magazines.  But lately, my love for the Cosmo has faded.  I loved the colors of the magazine, the layout, and the awesome interviews they would have. 

However, I grew tired of reading the same information presented in numerous different ways throughout the year.  I also got really tired of turning the pages and seeing something along the lines of:  "lose 2 dress sizes", "get fit", "eat healthier", "lose weight", "try this workout", etc.  It started to get really old, really fast.  I began to lose interest in my beloved magazine, but the time had come to cancel my subscription.  Did I outgrow it?  That can't be, I'm not that old.  Was I fit and healthy enough to not need to read it?  Ha, hell no!

So, I am trying to locate a new magazine or two to read each month and the search is difficult.  My interests include:  fashion, shopping, lifestyle, design, and women's interests.  I would love a good fashion magazine that shares items for smaller budgets (I mean really, who can afford $125 for a sweater?).  I do love the InStyle magazine, but I've never subscribed to it because of the price.  Maybe I can find a good deal somewhere.

But, what about my other interests?  I tried Self magazine.  That was a bust.  Just more of the body image issues.  Then, I tried Elle.  Although beautiful, the items I saw were way out of my budget and there was no comparison to see where I could get something similar for a smaller price.  I am currently reading HGTV magazine and this has been a pleasant surprise, but it doesn't include anything about fashion.  I still might continue to read it though.

That leaves me still on the hunt for a new magazine.  Do any of you have suggestions for glossies that you love that covers my interests?  I haven't read Glamour in years, is it worth it to try?  What about Vanity Fair, what's it like?  Any ideas?

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Lin said...

I grew out of magazines a few years ago but I still manage to read through an occasional Gamour every now & then. Good luck finding some good ones!