Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book Reviews are Coming!

Over the weekend, I pulled out every book I have read since I started my reading list.  There were 19 of them that weren't improvement books.  That's 19 chick lit and classics.  I am pretty impressed with myself considering I am not a fast reader and usually only read at lunch. 

I started writing the reviews because I had an outline made.  This made it super easy to get the information out.  I started from them beginning, so I had to think back to over a year ago, but I think they are turning out well.  They are short and to the point since I am that kind of person. 

I have incorporated a rating scale as well.  It's a star rating and the rank is listed below.

Gold Star = 5

Silver Star = 4

Green Star = 3

Blue Star = 2

Red Star = 1

In order to get caught up, I will be posting a couple each week.  The first review will post tomorrow.  Let me know what you think.

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