Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review: The Penny Pinchers Club

Name of Book:  The Penny Pinchers Club

Author:  Sarah Strohmeyer

Summary:  From  “Living in suburban New Jersey, Kat has a pretty serious retail habit. Now it looks like her husband Griff is having an affair...and setting up a secret bank account in preparation for a divorce. Suspecting her spending habits may be driving him away, Kat's determined to save her marriage by saving some money. But when her rich ex-fiancé turns up with a tempting bargain, she'll have to decide whether love conquers mall...”

What I Liked:  Sarah Strohmeyer’s writing style is one that I really enjoy.  The book’s story flowed easily, it was simple to follow, and a fun read.  The topics of divorce and the sneaking around and a complete lifestyle change can really be heavy material, but I really enjoyed this book.  The main character, Kat, was relatable, especially if you’ve ever had a shopping problem.  I also love the people that Kat meets at her club.  This book also includes some great money saving tips.

What I Didn’t Like:  Sometimes, Kat could be a little dense.  There were a couple of times I wish I could reach through the book and smack her around a little.  Also, I sometimes found it a little difficult to comprehend how a woman could spend so much and live such an extravagant lifestyle while being married to a college professor in economics.  Opposites attract?

Overall Thoughts:  I loved Kat’s little “adventures” with the penny pinchers club and how she progresses and grows as a person.  There was part of the ending that I wasn’t expecting, and that made me like it even more.

Final Rating:  Silver Star


Recommended?  Absolutely


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