Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Review: Happiness Sold Separately

Name of Book:  Happiness Sold Separately

Author: Libby Street


Summary:  From BN.com:  Dream boyfriend not included.
When she moved to New York, Ryan Hadley imagined living the big-city-sitcom kind of life with all the trimmings — great apartment, dream job, and a swept-off-your-feet, how-awesome-is-this-guy love. Of course, her real life is only so-so: not outstanding, nor bad enough to require medication. Ryan spends her days at a dreary data-entry job with wannabe-rocker Will, nights at her favorite dive bar with pals Audrey and Veronica, and her spare time daydreaming about the ideal — but sadly, fictional — man: if only Mark Darcy wasn't claimed by Bridget Jones.

Some assembly required.
But two promotions and a record deal later, Ryan's three closest friends are suddenly moving on up — while Ryan seems to be treading water. Then Charlie, her college ex and super hottie, appears out of the blue with a success story of his own and more than a little baggage in tow. In a New York minute, Ryan realizes that one doesn't live off a maxed-out credit card and a year's supply of squashed Ho Ho's without learning a few important life lessons. She's ready to squeeze a five-year-plan for success into just a few crazy months. After all, why be a big-city girl if you're not going to dream big — and reach for the stars?

What I Liked:  Who hasn’t been in a position that seemed stagnant when others around them were moving forward? I loved this story.  I liked how the main character transformed herself into a successful person, but by doing so, had to overcome some challenges and confronts her past head on.

What I Didn’t Like:  Why do some friends insist on showcasing their fortunes while out with more budget aware friends?  True friends wouldn’t really care what you make, but come on.  Why would you make me go with you to Tiffany’s when I work a measly entry level job?

Overall Thoughts:  Awesome story.  Again, I like how the two writers blended their style to make the book flow.  I actually relate to this one a bit too because I am trying to overcome obstacles to make myself more successful.  It’s a little inspiring.

Final Rating:  Gold Star,  I loved this one!


Recommended?  Yes!

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