Sunday, January 27, 2013

Book Review: Accidental It Girl

Name of Book:  Accidental It Girl

Author:  Libby Street


Summary:  From  What comes around...

Photographer Sadie Price is known for her thick skin and infallible instincts. A lofty education has made her skilled in her craft, and a fear of poverty -- and love for Jimmy Choo -- has made her one of the East Coast's most savvy paparazzi. She keeps her exhilarating but sometimes hectic life manageable by staying on the right side of the razor-thin line between celebrity photographers and the stalkerazzi. But all that changes when Sadie locks horns with one of Hollywood's hottest bachelors.

...goes around.

Something about Ethan Wyatt's charisma and startling good looks throws Sadie off her game. Something about Sadie's dogged determination -- and a very compromising picture she snaps -- throws Ethan off his. Hatching a scheme befitting the silver screen that made him famous, Ethan sets out to give Sadie a taste of her own medicine. And when her life almost instantly becomes as frenzied as those of the "It Girls" she follows, Sadie starts to see her career, her love life, and Ethan Wyatt in ways she never had before....”

What I Liked:  It’s the typical love/hate relationship between a man and a woman who don’t really care for each other, but kind of need each other to succeed.  This book also includes the entertainment industry, which is always exciting, mysterious, extravagant, and dark.  The mess that Sadie gets herself into is unbelievable and a little bit cruel.  Although, I wouldn't be surprised if stuff like this actually happens.

What I Didn’t Like:  Ethan can be a real ass sometimes.  I’m not sure what drew me to this book either since I can get really sick and tired of the “paparazzi harasses celebrity” stories.  The celebrity photographer business can be a little sleazy.

Overall Thoughts:  Something I find great about this book is that it’s written by two separate people.  I love how their writing styles blend together to make sure that the story flows.  I would consider this book a guilty pleasure.   

Final Rating:  Silver Star


Recommended?  Yes

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