Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tis the be Busy

I am excited to report that today, when I place two orders, I marked two more people off my Christmas list. This means, that I only have to finish shopping for my mom and make a wreath for my Grandma.  I am impressed.  I expect to have everything finished by the end of this weekend, maybe the end of next week.  How are you doing with your shopping?

My Christmas cards even went out yesterday.  I'm ahead this year and that makes me happy.  I almost started wrapping today.  I usually like to wait until all of my shopping is done though before wrapping.  That way, I don't forget what I've wrapped and I know that all of the shopping is done.

I have decided to make cookies this year for the people I work with.  I have four recipes picked out.  Now, all I have to do is figure out when to bake them.  I am thinking of next week.  I even have the containers already for them. 

It's been busy at work this week.  I am a member of the planning committee for the holiday luncheon and in charge of games and gifts.  It's working out pretty well.  There were two of us selling tickets and I definitely think I sold the most.  I have also wrapped almost all of the gifts too.  It's exciting.  The party is on Friday and I hope everyone has a good time.

That just about sums up recent events around here.  My first two holiday parties are this weekend as well.  That would make three events in three days.  How cool is that?   How are your holidays shaping up?

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