Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow?  I find that crazy!  I only have one weekend between now and Christmas that isn't booked.  It's booked with fun stuff, though.  Yay!

I made a mincemeat pie from scratch last night.  I made it for Dad since he is the only one who likes it, so I hope it is good.  It was interesting rolling out the crust on my tiny counter tops.  Next time, I will make the pie on my dining room table.  That's a good idea.  I will be making pumpkin pie at my parents' house as well as fresh whipped cream.  Can't wait.

I think this is the first time in years that I got paid the week of Thanksgiving.  Shopping will be fun this year.  :)

Here is some randomness for you:

I am down to the last 80 pages of Dracula.  It's a good book, if not a little weird.

I only just learned (or at least tried to figure out) how to schedule a blog post.

I bought a box of Cheese Its for my desk so that I will stop wasting money at the vending machine.  I love Cheese Its.

I think I may have finally found a piece of artwork for my dining room.

It's time to collect my addresses so that I can send out Christmas cards.

I just realized that I haven't done my Reflections posts yet.  Hmm, I need to get started soon.

How do I make my phone stop vibrating when I get a FB message?  It's really annoying.

Well, that's about all I have for today.  It's not much, I know, but oh well.

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