Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

Hi everyone!  Let's play a little catch up.  I can't believe that it's been over a week since I last posted.  But first, let me just say that I will be so happy when this day is over with.  I am so sick of the political ads and talk that I haven't watched regular TV in over 8 weeks just to avoid them.

Since Melly's haircut, here is what has happened.

The projects I ranted about last time, I was only just able to finish yesterday.  At least they are off my desk now.  Yay!

My remote is still on the fritz, so I am going to try and replace it.  Did you know that RCA does not have a dedicated customer service line?  It's impossible to contact them to discuss your remote.

We had our Homecoming game two weekends ago and we won!  The game was at 11 am so that meant that the parade started at 7 am.  I was up at 5:15 am and on campus by 6:20 am to watch the parade.  When it started, it was still dark.  The sun was just breaking the horizon.  I took Melody and after she got used to the high school bands, she didn't do too bad.  We had enough time after the parade to eat some breakfast at the tailgate and then my dad and I headed to the game.  It was so much fun.  Our team isn't as great this year, but I won't get into that.

On Halloween, I helped my grandma pass out candy again.  My favorite costume this year was a boy dressed as an Amish man complete with a yarn beard, suspenders, and straw hat.  His sister was a hippie.  They were adorable.  My cousin came up and visited too.  While I was visiting, Melody got to visit with my parents and Annie.

My honorary nephew turned 6 on Halloween and we celebrated with a party this past Saturday.  He is really into the video game Minecraft, so he got a Creeper cake.  I have to admit that I think it was ugly, but it was fun to make.  The most important thing was that he loved it!

And now, my own Halloween costume.  The Crazy Cat Lady won your votes (as well as others from the outside).  I had fun putting the costume together.  Throughout the night though, I got really hot in my frumpy outfit.  It was a big hit and the party was a blast.  Two ensembles from our little group placed 6th and 4th in the costume contest.  And, as promised, here are the pictures.  I have already started putting together ideas for next year. 


I went to a vendor fair on Saturday.  One of my friends had a booth there and I am seriously considering purchasing one of her pieces of art.  I also won a drawing for free holiday cards.  Yay!  Now, all I have to do is design them so that I can get them out in the mail on time.  After the birthday party on Saturday (that was a busy day), my mom and I went to another Basket Bingo.  We had fun even though we didn't win anything.  I was one away from bingo on at least 4 games.  The prizes were cool too and they would have made great gifts at Christmas.  Also, the person who won the 50/50 drawing walked aways with $400 in cash!  That would have been great to win.  Better luck next time, I guess.

I have replaced the Halloween decorations in my apartment with some Thanksgiving ones.  I am still working on getting a door decoration together, though.  I have decided on my Christmas tree theme and am working on my shopping list.  I need to get things together and the to do list just keeps getting longer.

Last night, I broke out the cookbook and made Sweet & Sour Chicken for the first time ever.  I modified the recipe a little bit and it was so good!  I am getting better at this cooking thing, I have to tell you.  At least, I am able to read and follow a recipe.  :)

I think that just about sums up the past couple of weeks.  I will now try to stay on top of things a little better.  Sorry about my absence.


Gwen said...

Ellie is so into minecraft too! I can't stand it. Video games in general drive me nuts!

Her little Halloween dress is too cute!!!!

Hope you are having an awesome week!

Lin said...

Haha, you're costume is awesome! I've always wanted to make sweet & sour chicken but the only recipes I've found have been really complicated, which I instantly stay away from. Share it!