Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was fun.  I was looking at my calendar last night, and I don't know when it will slow down.  I have something going on every weekend.  That's fall for you.

Friday:  After work, I went to the grocery store to get things needed to make pasta salad for a BBQ on Saturday, as well as stock my fridge.  After I cooked the salad, I made myself some dinner and finished reading my book.  It was another one of those books where I am not quite sure if I like it or not.  After I finished reading my book, I drew myself of hot bubble bath and poured myself a glass of wine and relaxed in the hot water and bubbles.  Bliss...

Saturday:  I slept in and enjoyed my coffee.  Then, I packed up my laundry, got dressed for the day, and headed to my parent's house.  We went to a BBQ with a big group of family friends and it was so much fun.  This was the first time we had done something like this in over 10 years.  I chatted, laughed, ate, laughed, and chatted some more.  There was a regular fire in the fire pit, and a big bonfire in the back.  It was so great to see everyone again. 

Sunday:  I finished up my laundry and watched some Family Guy.  Then, I helped my dad detail all of our cars and the camper.  My car is all shiny now!  Then, the rest of the day was spent enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having.  Dad grilled some pork steaks for dinner.  They were yummy.  Then, I loaded up everything back in my car and went home.  Once again, I came home with more than I had come with, but at least this time, it was my Mom's delicious cheesecake.  :)

I am working on getting my Halloween decorations out this week.  I need to fix my wreath and get something for my door at work since the wreath I had for it has disappeared. 

How was your weekend?

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